About Us

Ambit Canadian Pharmacy is an online service for ordering medications and health-related products.

For every customer, our company tried to combine the maximum number of suppliers and offered the best price, description, and appearance of the products, their manufacturer and the expiration date.

You do not need to search for goods at all pharmacies along with your city. There are more than 300 positions in our online catalog, there is no such assortment in any pharmacy in your residence.

Direct contracts with major distributors and drug manufacturers provide as low prices as possible in combination with their authenticity, prompt delivery, and quality.

Our advantages

Low prices

Thanks to the daily price comparison system among the maximum number of suppliers, as well as the reduced mark-up on goods that are included in the online catalog, the prices on our website are usually lower than in conventional drugstores in your residence.

Promotions and discounts

On our website, we constantly carry out various promotions on popular products from leading manufacturers. We also offer coupon codes that are devoted to even greater price reduction.

Huge assortment

The range of our online catalog is equal to 300 items. The assortment is replenished daily. We are into meeting all customers’ needs providing access to branded and generic medications.

Fast shipping

Ordering goods and delivery to the chosen address usually takes 14 and 30 business days depending on the delivery option. If you opt for express delivery, the maximum waiting period is 14 business days. If you choose regular delivery, the maximum waiting time is 30 business days.

Reliability, legality, and quality

All our products are certified and come only from reliable suppliers. We comply with the law. We bring medications right to your door, PO boxes, and any other shipping address specified correctly.