Best Foods for Men’s Health: How to Increase Potency Naturally?

In this article, there will be told what foods increase male potency. Stress, bad ecology, a poorly organized working schedule, a thriving feminism have a very bad influence on modern men, and, consequently, their potency. According to statistics, the problem of how to increase potency worries every third man, and this is a very big indicator. And women want their men to be strong and be able to bring bright emotions in bed.

Can a woman help a man? Yes, for example, she can cook male products – aphrodisiacs that increase potency. So we will tell you about the most effective foods that increase male potency and libido. You will also learn what products should be excluded from the men’s diet.Best-Foods-for-Mens-Health

Foods that increase male potency

Quail and chicken eggs have a good effect on potency. You need to include scrambled eggs in your diet, it will not take much time, but will improve male strength. Erection will be better even more if you cook scrambled eggs and onions – a popular recipe a good potency.

To have a good potency, you need to eat meat. The diet should include a reasonable number of meat dishes.

Seafood and fish produce beneficial effects on men’s sexual activity. Fish dishes can enhance potency – the cancer broth, baked or boiled seafood and sauce (fry onion, parsley and celery, a few drops of lemon juice, add tomatoes). Boiled mackerel can also be used. Other good aphrodisiacs are caviar and oysters. Vegetables is a great side dish for fish and meat dishes, they are rich in vitamins and activate the work of the gonads, thereby increasing potency.

Natural recipes from different countries to increase potency

Favorite national aphrodisiacs of Italian cuisine: olive oil and garlic, they are the ingredients of different dishes. Tomatoes also improve potency. Seeds and nuts are related to aphrodisiacs, they have a positive effect on potency, due to the fact that they contain vitamin E.

In India, men use roasted sesame seeds with honey to increase potency. Honey is perfectly combined with walnuts. You need to eat the equal amount of walnuts and honey 30 minutes after eating a dessert spoon. If you eat such honey-nut mixture for a month, you can feel a surge of energy. In Siberia, cedar nuts are the popular foods for increasing male potency.

Natural recipes include basil, asparagus, celery, coriander, parsley – natural aphrodisiacs that improve potency.

Every nation has its own aphrodisiacs that increase libido. In India, men prefer coriander, French men eat snails and artichokes to improve potency, the inhabitants of Transcaucasia prefer sour milk. Southern people prefer figs that increase potency and improves the functioning of kidneys, liver and heart.

Your evening can be revived with the help of erotic massage and products rich in essential oils and spices. The smell of certain foods enhances sexual desire. Erotic effect is provided by mint, vanilla, cinnamon, the smell of roasted meat, chocolate.

About meat

For some reason, people believe that a man needs to eat meat in excessive amounts to have a good potency, but it’s all a mistake. It’s not desirable to eat meat before the eve of a stormy night – during sex you will be sluggish. A man who ate too much meat is not suitable for sex. He needs to sit quietly to digest heavy food, and then to have a good sleep.

By the way, you can determine whether a man is good lover or not by watching him eat:

  • Eats a lot – a very hasty lover, does not pay attention to the quality and content of intimate relationships, everything is done in a hurry;
  • Cheerful eater – pleasant for sex;
  • Gourmet – food and sex is like a holiday for him;
  • A man who leads a healthy lifestyle, not eating meat – tries to subordinate his partner to his sexual desires.

Wine is a companion of sex

The main thing to remember is that excessive wine consumption reduces potency. Men are recommended to use grape dry wine, it is good for male potency. Women should drink alcoholic sweet drinks, they increase women’s sexual activity. Very little alcohol will not do harm. See a men’s guide to drinking wine for more detail.

French men are the most loving nation, people believed that their sexual potency is greatly increased because they consume a large amount of Camembert cheese, it needs to be washed down with mineral water. The secret is that the cheese contains a high-grade protein, which is combined with the mineral elements in water.

Top-rated dangerous foods for men’s health

What foods deteriorate male sexual activity?

  • Harmful meat products. Meat which is saturated with female hormones affects the growth of the animal during life. A small portion does not reduce potency, but regular use of such food will have a bad effect on men’s health. Harmful substances are not used in the cultivation of fish and sheep;
  • “White death”. These harmful products are salt and sugar. They do not bring anything good, especially in large quantities. But salt is necessary for the regulation of metabolism, so you must strictly observe the measure. With sugar, the situation is more alarming. Glucose is necessary for a person, but this substance is not useful in crystalline sugar. An important glucose is found in honey, fruit with a sweet taste, starch vegetables, for example, potatoes. The maximum daily sugar rate is up to 6 tsp. a day;
  • Soda. This point relates to the previous one. Sweet carbonated drinks destroy the quality erection, reduce the production of testosterone and the production of active spermatozoa. Such beverages include “Coca-Cola”, “Sprite” and similar harmful products;
  • Soybeans. The product is harmful when consumed in large quantities. A little soy will not hurt anyone, but men should not replace meat with soy. It contains useless estrogens that inhibit the production of testosterone and reduce potency;
  • Cholesterol. Contained in fatty meat. Cholesterol participates in the synthesis of testosterone. But excessive cholesterol leads to vascular disorders. As a consequence, there is a decrease in male potency due to the inability to provide blood to the penis;
  • Fast food. It contains everything that was listed before – an overabundance of salt and cholesterol, sugar drinks or ice cream, female hormones. In addition, “fast food” is full of preservatives and transgenic fats, which cause mutations of the genome and can significantly reduce potency of a fast food lover.
  • Smoked delicacies. Sausages, balyks, seductive stuffed rolls, in addition to carcinogens and taste enhancers, they contain a smoking liquid that affects male testicles with the strongest toxins.

Unexpected danger for potency

We know some products that you eat every day and do not even suspect they are also dangerous for men’s health: they suppress spermatogenesis, cause hormonal imbalance and erectile dysfunction.

  • Eggs. The norm for a man is one egg every 48 hours. The film of the bird’s egg contains substances that kill the child-bearing function, so excessive consumption of the product damages potency. In addition, a bird eggs contains a lot of cholesterol;
    Milk. A glass a day will not do any harm, but an overabundance will produce a bad effect on potency, since the cow estrogen is more suitable for children
  • and ladies;
    Bread. White loaf, pastry contain ingredients that reduce potency;
  • Coffee. Caffeine is able to arouse the desire for some time, but finally, the substance kills the free male hormone. You can drink natural coffee from time to time, but soluble coffee is a poison for the body. The surrogate has an increased acidity and the ability to produce female hormone;
  • Vegetable oil. The product worsens spermatogenesis and potency. Avoid soy, corn, flaxseed oil. Sunflower is allowed in small quantities, walnut or olive will not do harm.

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