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Cost of Indian Treatment

India is a top country of medical tourism and market if compared with Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico, Brazil, Costa-Rica. India has the best qualified skilled doctors offering high-quality services and the first-class facility. And of course, Indian prices are very beneficial. A recent study reveals the average savings for most-traveled destinations: India: 70-90%; Malaysia: 75-85%; Thailand: 55-75%; Turkey: 40-55%; Mexico: 60-65%; Costa Rica: 45-60%; Taiwan: 50-55%; Korea: 30-40%; Singapore: 40-45%; Brazil: 20-30%.

Best Medical and Ayurvedic Treatments of India

India is attractive for medical tourists, as this country has a wide assortment of treatments available at affordable cost, both allopathy and Ayurveda procedures. Allopathic treatments available in India are cardiac procedures, surrogacy, orthopedic treatments, cosmetic procedures, dentistry and organ transplants (lungs transplant, heart transplant). The top medical procedures are cardiac and orthopedic procedures, surrogacy. Cardiac treatment includes numerous procedures, such as bypass surgery, angioplasty, coronary angiography,  AICD implantation, Open Heart Surgeries, Closed Heart Surgeries, Heart Failure Device, and others. Orthopedic treatments include Joint Replacement, Knee Arthroplasty, Total…

How effective is Meldonium as a Diabetic Drug?

The name Meldonium has been doing a lot of rounds in the news recently after Russian Tennis Star Maria Sharapova appeared in the spotlight after being provisionally suspended from the Australian Open competition due to a failed drug test. The player had admitted to taking the medication following the advice of her family doctor. However, it had left many of her fans and even some others out of curiosity; want to know what actually Meldonium is and why the tennis…