Cost of Indian Treatment

India is a top country of medical tourism and market if compared with Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico, Brazil, Costa-Rica. India has the best qualified skilled doctors offering high-quality services and the first-class facility. And of course, Indian prices are very beneficial.

A recent study reveals the average savings for most-traveled destinations:

  • India: 70-90%;
  • Malaysia: 75-85%;
  • Thailand: 55-75%;
  • Turkey: 40-55%;
  • Mexico: 60-65%;
  • Costa Rica: 45-60%;
  • Taiwan: 50-55%;
  • Korea: 30-40%;
  • Singapore: 40-45%;
  • Brazil: 20-30%.

The savings are affordable due to the beneficial cost of treatment. Let’s look at the approximate cost savings:

Major surgeries:

Cardiac bypass surgery price is $50.000-$160.000 in the USA. It’s price in India makes $5.500-$9.000.

Hip replacement price is $125.000 in the USA while in India it costs $9.000 – $12.000.

Total Knee Replacement price in the USA is $45.000 – $70.000, but in India, it makes 7.000-13.000

Gastric Bypass surgery price is about $32.972 in the U.S. when in India it costs around $8.000

Cosmetic procedures in India are also very affordable

The price of facelift surgery in the USA makes $15.000 while in India it makes $3.000

The cost of one cycle of in vitro fertilization in the USA is $12.400. The Indian cost is $2.000.

The above-mentioned price may vary based on the patient’s condition, hospitals and service provider. The most procedures are carried out with the top provider Sky Pharmacy.

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