Premature Ejaculation in Men

A large number of male population does not pay attention if ejaculation occurs only once. But with systematic repetition of violations, conflicts appear in the family and a man can acquire complexes and even reduced self-esteem.

Premature Ejaculation

Early ejaculation is not the only type of violation of sexual function. There are also others:

  • suppressed male orgasm;
  • delayed ejaculation;
  • retrograde ejaculation.

All these disorders are difficult to detect at initial stage and take measures to their prompt treatment. This happens due to the fact that ejaculation itself during sexual intercourse may occur differently in different men.Premature Ejaculation in MenEven satisfaction of both partners will not be an accurate criterion. Sometimes with prolonged sexual intercourse on the part of a man, a woman can remain not satisfied. And there are cases when it is enough five minutes for pleasure, and in some cases for conceiving children.


The catch is that reasons of premature ejaculation in men can not be established accurately. It happens that violation can occur without any underlying reasons. A well-known fact that early ejaculation often occurs in adolescents. But over time, growing up, they learn to control physiological processes that occur during sexual intercourse.

When examining and questioning a patient, the doctor can establish the following reasons:

  • premature ejaculation can occur during each sexual intercourse with a new partner;
  • during sexual intercourse after prolonged abstinence;
  • psychological factors (anxiety, depression, stress);
  • disorders of hormonal background;
  • various types of injuries;
  • sexual contact with very beautiful girls;
  • genetic causes;
  • inadequate nutrition can also play a big role.

According to the survey, men do not pay much attention to psychological reasons. But they are one of the most important. It is generally believed that consequence of frequent stress, depression is impotence. But most often the first signs of the beginning problems will be precisely premature ejaculation.


Many men are wondering how to treat the problem of ejaculation, but there is no clear answer. Each case requires detailed study and examination of causes of its occurrence. Therefore, visiting doctor before starting treatment and diagnosis of problems are the main conditions.

Techniques for Prolonging Sexual Intercourse

If causes of violation are not established, then we offers techniques to prolong sexual intercourse:

  • start-stop method is a fairly effective method. The bottom line is this: during sex, a man catches the moment when premature ejaculation begins;
  • Kegel’s method is based on assertion that a man has some degree of impaired innervation of pelvic organs. Therefore, it is necessary to perform exercises developed by specialists, which contribute to its recovery.

Medication Therapy

Along with the above methods, there is also treatment with medications. A man takes medications that delay premature ejaculation. It is possible to use sedative drugs (in particular, at psychological disorders). If a patient has sexual infection, antibiotics will be effective for treatment. If neurological disease is detected, then doctor will prescribe vitamins, drugs that dilate vessels, etc.

Help of Psychologist or Psychotherapist

The next method is to combat problems that have arisen at psychological level. Here participation of a psychologist or psychotherapist will help in treatment. They will help establish causes and resolve them.


The next way is masturbation. But it should not be conducted independently, but under supervision of sexologist, who will explain how, when, in what environment it is better to do it. Its meaning is that here the man himself controls his excitement and can in time prevent premature ejaculation.

Relationship with Partner

Very important is the partner herself. Most men are afraid to share their problems with their partner and try to hide them. Sometimes it comes to the fact that a man in his problems blames the partner. But to solve the problem is better together, otherwise this can destroy relationship between two personalities.

All of the above methods are not applied at a time. In each specific situation, doctor can prescribe comprehensive treatment that will be more effective.

Alternative Therapies

Their slight position in treatment of premature ejaculation have methods of traditional medicine:

  • some types of massage;
  • acupuncture;
  • medical baths;
  • mud treatment;
  • physiotherapy.

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