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BioWorld Today discusses Ambit’s Series D Financing – November 2007

In a frontpage article focused on Ambit’s $43.9 million Series D Financing, BioWorld Today discusses the company’s new and existing investors as well as its kinase inhibitor programs and new additions to its board of directors.

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bizSanDiego features the history of Ambit Biosciences and gets up close and personal with CEO, Scott Salka – January 2007

In its January cover story, bizSanDiego examines the history of Ambit from the company’s humble beginnings to their current status of one of San Diego’s fastest growing biotech companies. The article also discusses CEO Scott Salka’s industry experience and reveals his recipe for success. Copyright 2006 bizSanDiego, photos courtesy of Matthew McFarland.

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Drug Discovery News discusses Ambit’s collaboration with Cephalon – December 2006

In an article focused on Ambit’s screening, discovery and development agreement with Cephalon, Drug Discovery News reported why Ambit’s partner felt that Ambit is the kinase screening collaborator of choice: “After evaluating several technologies, we felt that Ambit had several important attributes that included: world-class technology, a scientific and management team that understood and were committed to drug discovery and an impressive track record of accomplishment.”

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Study validating KinomeScan is featured in Cancer Research – January 2006

A study published in Cancer Research discusses the crystal structure of the imatinib (Gleevec(r))-resistant BCR-Abl kinase in complex with VX-680, a small molecule initially developed by Vertex Pharmaceuticals as an Aurora kinase inhibitor. Using KinomeScan, researchers initially identified VX-680’s action on imatinib-resistant BCR-Abl (PNAS, 2005). The study here further validates KinomeScan’s strength in identifying small molecules that activate or inhibit therapeutically relevant kinases, both wild-type and mutant. Copyright 2006 Cancer Res.

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Dow Jones VentureWire Reviews Ambit’s Growth – January 2006

In an article focused on Ambit’s expanded collaboration with Bristol-Myers Squibb, Dow Jones VentureWire also discusses Ambit’s recent financing activity and key hires.

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Study Using Ambit’s KinomeScan Featured in PNAS – July 2005

A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences utilized Ambit’s KinomeScan technology to reveal several existing clinical drug candidates that bind to and inhibit various mutations responsible for the development of resistance to the leading targeted cancer drugs Gleevec®, IRESSA® and TARCEVA™. Copyright (2005) Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA

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Ambit Profiled in San Diego Union-Tribune – April 2005

In its profile of Ambit, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported why one of Ambit’s VCs became interested in the company: “The scientists said that within a week… the technology allowed them to find the target of FK506, an immunosuppressive drug. …Earlier, Vertex had spent millions of dollars and over a year trying to find the drug’s target.”

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Ambit’s KinomeScan Featured in Nature Biotechnology – March 2005

A paper published in Nature Biotechnology describes Ambit’s KinomeScan technology and outlines data generated by screening 20 important kinase inhibitors against Ambit’s extensive kinase panel. The study examines several kinase inhibitors, including Gleevec®, Iressa®, and Tarceva™, and their interactions with a large number of human kinases.

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BioCentury Profiles Ambit – January 2005

BioCentury’s The Bernstein Report recently described Ambit’s efficient and extensive KinomeScan technology by saying, “Ambit can move quickly because its binding assay is more scalable than traditional enzyme activity assays.”

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BioWorld Details Ambit’s Successful Collaborations – January 2005

Ambit was profiled in a front-page BioWorld article detailing Ambit’s successful collaborations with large industry-leading organizations. “Ambit’s super-multi-tasking approach to kinase screening bagged the company deals with three of pharma’s top players – Bristol-Myers Squibb Co., GlaxoSmithKline plc and Pfizer Inc.,” the article begins.

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