KINOMEscan – High-Throughput Kinase Selectivity Profiling

The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Kinase Profiling Service

KINOMEscan™ is an innovative, high-throughput method for screening small molecule compounds against large numbers of human kinases. By providing a fast, accurate, uniform and quantitative kinase profile that details how well each compound binds to both intended and unintended targets, KINOMEscan™ transforms the promiscuity of kinase inhibitors into a discovery advantage.

The KINOMEscan™ Advantage

  • Largest available kinase profiling panel
  • High-quality accurate, precise, reproducible data
  • Rapid turnaround supports lead optimization
  • Premium customer support and competitive pricing
  • Flexible screening services and personalized solutions
  • Detect non-type I inhibitors
  • TREEspot Data Visualization Tool

New & Enhanced Kinase Panel: 442 Kinase Assays

KINOMEscan announces the expansion of its kinase assay panel with the release of almost fifty new and enhanced kinase assays. As a leading profiling service provider with the industry’s most comprehensive panel of kinase assays, KINOMEscan continues to redefine the standard in high-throughput selectivity and off-target profiling. View our new assays and see what you are missing!

New Kinase Panel Highlights:

  • MTOR, LRRK2, LRRK2(G2019S), CDK4-cyclinD1, CDK4-cyclinD3
  • Three pathogen kinases including M. tuberculosis and P. falciparum
  • New lipid, tyrosine, and mutant kinase assays
  • scanMODE activated/non-activated assay pairs to elucidate compound binding mode.

Kinase Screening Services Available

scanMAX scanMAX (442): Best choice for drug discovery and compound optimization
Definitive set of 442 kinases – the largest panel commercially available – covering all major kinase groups.
scanEDGE (96): An economical approach to surveying the human kinome
Contains a set of 96 kinases distributed throughout the kinome.
scanLIPID (20): The largest commercial panel of human lipid kinases. Includes PIK3, PIK4, and PIP lipid kinase families.
scanTK scanTK (127): The world’s most complete collection of tyrosine kinases.
scanELECT (1-442): Ultimate flexibility for custom applications
An a-la-carte approach to exploring kinases of interest. Choose only the kinases you want.
scanMode NEW! scanMODE (12): Employs activated/non-activated assay pairs to elucidate compound binding mode. An ideal tool for understanding how kinase phosphorylation state affects inhibitor affinity.