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Ambit’s approach to kinase drug discovery allows us to identify the best compounds for further research and to continue improving those we select through ongoing and iterative screening integrated tightly with our own medicinal chemistry and pharmacology efforts. Coupled to our collaborative discovery programs with Ambit, we expect to rapidly and efficiently identify drug candidates that effectively inhibit the targeted kinases while minimizing side effects due to off-target kinase modulation.”

– Jeffry Vaught, Ph.D.,
Executive Vice President,
Research & Development at Cephalon

Partnering with Ambit makes a difference:

Leveraging our novel approach to kinase drug discovery means providing unprecedented insight into your small molecule libraries by simultaneously profiling them against a panel of over 400 kinases.

Tapping our kinase expertise means providing clinical trial design and clarity with your promising kinase inhibitor drug candidates.

Exploring our potent pipeline of targeted kinase inhibitors means discovering what might be your next blockbuster.

Ambit Biosciences is your partner of choice. Our existing collaborations with major pharmaceutical companies provide a strong endorsement of our technology, and revenues from these partnerships help to advance our internal research and development programs.

Kinase Inhibitor Drug Development

In addition to using our kinase expertise to discover and develop small molecule kinase inhibitors internally, Ambit also works with select collaborators to advance their drugs through clinical development.

In November 2006, Ambit announced a $250 million collaboration with Cephalon in which Ambit used its approach to kinase drug discovery to profile Cephalon’s entire library of compounds to discover and develop products that are effective inhibitors of certain kinases. Ambit delivered clinical candidates that Cephalon will further develop in exchange for milestone payments and royalties on commercial sales.

In December of 2005, Ambit expanded an existing collaboration with Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (BMS). Ambit received an upfront payment, revenues, an equity investment for services performed and, most importantly, an exclusive license to product candidates from a BMS solid tumor-directed preclinical kinase inhibitor program. In October of 2007, Ambit and BMS further expanded this collaboration under which Ambit will profile BMS’s kinase-focused library in exchange for up-front cash and rights to certain preclinical and clinical compounds of BMS.

Out-licensing Opportunities

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