Price Policy

Effective pricing policy in the pharmaceutical business is a constant search for a balance between achieving full satisfaction of consumers’ demands and maximizing the entrepreneur’s profit. The latter, given the specifics of this business area, should take into account that too low prices will scare off wealthy customers. Otherwise, too high prices will scare away customers with a low income.

The purpose of the pricing policy and strategy of the pharmacy organization is to make a profit that ensures a stable financial position and dynamic development of the organization for the future. But the aim of the pricing of the pharmaceutical assortment may be also devoted to maintain the existing situation and even ensure the sale of old stock. Depending on the objectives, various pricing methods can be applied.

A price is an object of vigorous competition, the results of which largely determine the financial results of market activity. In turn, it significantly increases the responsibility of the firm’s management for the quality of business decisions that are somehow directly or indirectly related to price management.

Our price policy is devoted to making shopping online more affordable. We strive to establish prices attractive and affordable for all. Every among our customer will find the option suitable for their financial state.