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Premature Ejaculation in Men

A large number of male population does not pay attention if ejaculation occurs only once. But with systematic repetition of violations, conflicts appear in the family and a man can acquire complexes and even reduced self-esteem.

Effectiveness of Viagra

Clinical trials of sildenafil (1992), created to help exclusively cardiac patients to expand coronary vessels, reduce number of cholesterol plaques, disappointed with the results. It significantly influenced increase in blood flow in pelvic organs, but not in the area of heart muscle, as was originally intended. An additional clue was refusal of men who participated in the study to return the remaining pills at the end of the test. The medicine provoked a side effect, causing a significant blood flow to genitals…

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction at Young Age

It is generally accepted that erectile dysfunction is a problem of older men. But the first signs of impotence can appear in young men under 30 years old. This problem seems humiliating, brings severe psychological shock and complicates relations with the opposite sex. Men find it difficult to admit this problem, but men should not postpone diagnosis and treatment, as problem can worsen. It is extremely important to find out causes of erectile dysfunction in 30 years to choose effective method…